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Gods Tournament

Gods Tournament is a free to play strategy game where you can become a God. The basic aim is to create and develop life on the planet. Your development can be measured by evolution levels which means that after hard work, you can move to the next age. In addition, for better management, you can change three indicators: weather, geology and atmosphere. Gods Tournament includes the evolution tree that can be explored. It’s very important to feed the species of your planet!

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Tau Station New, Responsive

Tau Station

Tau Station is a F2P Sci-Fi browser game. Unique and modern futuristic-style artwork with mobile support. Train at gym, start doing small tasks to earn Credits and pick your career path. Learn skills and buy yourself equipment for increasing defense and offense. Explore the huge universe, there are quite a few space systems and space stations available. Player vs Player and Player vs Enemy features. Friendly community, as a new player you might receive gifts from other players as a warm welcome.

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Text-based robot browser game New, Responsive


Roboid is currently in a beta state. Responsive design, meaning that it is mobile friendly, including tablets. No large images that could slow down loading time. Simple tick/time-based strategy role playing game. Engaging player community. Progressive mission system and a rich world and story. Player vs Player robot combat functionality. Appropriate for all ages and both genders. Earn money, train your own unique Roboid!

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Fallen Titans New, Responsive

Fallen Titans

Fallen Titans is a futuristic fighting based RPG. Characters have different bonuses: Phoebe (Healing), Iapetus (Health), Hyperion (Strenght), Crius (Defense) and Cron (Speed). Attack other players to steal gold and to gain experience. Join a clan or create your own. Complete missions, each mission takes a certain minutes to complete. You can face fierce Boss creatures once you’ve reached level 75. You can buy weapons and armors to increase your strength and defense skills, weapons can also be upgraded. Buy stocks, wait for the price to increase and sell for profit.

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Xterium is a space strategy game in real time. Research technologies with each giving various advantages. Start a computer technology to run a mission fleet. Weapons technology helps you to survive. Recruit a geologist to support the development of resources. You can also hire admiral, so you wouldn’t lose control in battles. Expand the empire by constructing Metal Mine, Robot Factory, Solar Power plant, Shipyard, Research Lab, Deuterium Power Plant, and so on. You can have a clear review whether your empire is being spied. Increase your units to rise in the Hall of Fame. Collect achievements and create an alliance.

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Fleet Wars New, Responsive

Fleet Wars

Fleet Wars is a free multiplayer sci-fi game. Your fleets are led in battles by commanders. You could become the expeditioner, militant, economist or scientist. Raid Empire includes players and empires that you can attack. Make sure you choose the right fleets to send on a mission – it’s all about balancing Fleet Strength vs Morale Reduction. Build cities, increase the population, collect taxes and earn Credits. Design your ships, improve ships shield effectiveness, build ships and use battle strategies. You will get experience by destroying ships in combat. Fleet Strength determines your ranking place as it’s the most important value in the game.

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Star Trek: Alien Domain New, Hot

Star Trek: Alien Domain

Star Trek: Alien Domain is an online strategy RPG released in June 2015. Sci-Fi space themed gameplay with PvP option and colonies. Players use strategy to advance further through game and control their resources. In addition players will manage their defensive and military units and research new technology. Since this game is based on the storyline of Star Trek, focus will also be on players starships.

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Barons of the Galaxy

Barons of the Galaxy is unique browser game, a mix of Business and Sci-Fi. The game doesn’t run on a cheap copycat platform, but has been custom developed with the help of the community – it was successfully funded in Kickstarter. Inside the game you’ll start manufacturing products depending which field you pick. You can be a merchant by selling your goods or even a vicious attacker. Political system in which players can vote on events that effect the cities, planets or entire solar systems, you can even be elected to rule these cities, planets and star systems making everything bad that happens there entirely your fault. The game system won’t let too powerful players dominate the game, it actually gives small players opportunities to shine.

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Sol Source Online

Sol Source Online is text/image based game. Casual space themed browser based strategy. Game is tick-based (one hour). Different resources, units, structures. 3 main races, every race has it’s own attributes and ship types. No NPC attacking, players attack other players to advance in the game. Also featuring different planets, items, war generals, precise economy and global chat. Join an alliance or be a lone wolf. Design/looks are rather old-school looking. Website is not mobile friendly. If you like Sci-Fi games then give this game a try!

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islandoom New, Hot


Islandoom is a strategy based browser game. You can pick a nation between Divitos, Medius, Furium and Armun. Graphics and Illustrations are top notch, gameplay and goals are easy to understand. You command and grow your island to become more wealthy and powerful. Explore new areas and form alliances and trade with other players. Complete missions and collect useful items. Manage your economy and construct ships and buildings. Once you feel powerful enough, try PVP duels. Game also has main goal – to capture a certain Fortress.

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Dragon Knights of Valeria 2

DKV2 is a cryptocurrency based Sci-Fi game originated from the previous version of the game – Dragon Knights of Valeria. Game consists of Planets, Battle Cruisers, Drones, Rebels, and other SciFi related featured as well. It’s a fairly simply TBBG, except you can earn various cryptocurrencies along the way. All of the available currencies can be exchanged with other players, you may withdraw or deposit them or even spend them for in-game bonuses if you’d like.

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stellar invictus New, Responsive

Stellar Invictus

Stellar Invictus is a Sci-Fi browser game. You start by picking between 3 factions, choose between Attack, Defense or Storage bonus. Mining stations are needed to gather Ore which can be sold. You can complete missions to receive credits, simply warp to Mission Site and start completing your objectives. It’s difficult to get credits at first, but once you can take down people from the Bounty list – you’ll enjoy big rewards. Join a Corporation to get help from other players and take part of the community. Game is mobile friendly and even has an App in Google Play.

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AgeOfSpace New, Responsive


AgeOfSpace is a free strategy multiplayer browser game set in science fiction universe. The main aim is to expand to be able to dominate other galaxies. Make sure to build buildings, ships, defenses and new technologies. Allies are important and it’s advisable to contact nearby players and alliances. Keep in mind that all research is essential to the development of your empire. Farming is an action where a player raids other players with weak defenses/fleets and a lot of resources. Try to avoid farming by having as little excess resources as possible. Build defenses, complete missions and explore the galaxy.

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Astro Galaxy New, Responsive

Astro Galaxy

Astro Galaxy is a space themed massive multiplayer online browser game. You may sell and buy resources at SOL Corporation. Maintenance Facility allows you to hire employees and sell your ship’s modules. Shipyard allows you to get new ships, change them and upgrade them. It is a late 2014 game with modern looks as well as tablet and mobile support. The most important stats are Stations, Ships, Station power and Ship power. Various technologies to research and plenty of players to interact with.

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O-WN is a multiplayer strategy browser game with sci-fi fantasy universe and space adventures. Humanity abandoned planet earth and your main task is to create a new home for humanity. Explore the Solar system, choose a planet and build your own colony. As soon as you have occupied the planet, you can construct buildings, research new technologies and grow your colony. Additional features are gathering resources, creating a fleet, fighting your enemies and expanding your empire to other planets. You should also become a member of an alliance to team up with your friends, protect yourself and create complex strategies.

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xNova Online

xNova Online is Sci-Fi browser game. You find yourself in a galaxy filled with various planets. Construct your buildings for resources, research technologies and create your army. xNova was released in 2014 and has a very good and modern looking theme. Many different types of ships as well as defense units available. Game is still in beta, meaning bugs may occur and some features could be still in development.

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Zyperax is a free space-themed strategy game where you can create your own empire. Antimatter is the most valuable resource as it allows you to improve the empire. Crystal, Deuterium and Metal are resources that are getting produced on every planet. Darkmatter is a special resource that gives you a possibility to hire officers or increase your buildings and researches. You can construct buildings, do various research and create an alliance. You can also hire officers, earn academy points, create moon, purchase items from the market, earn achievements, reach the Hall of Fame and become the best in Zyperax world.

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OGame Space War

OGame Space War

OGame Space War is a sci-fi browser game. Your aim is to protect your resources, so you need to expand your defense facilities such as the Rocket Launcher, the Heavy Laser, an Ion Cannon, Light Lasers and more. Ships and Rocket Launchers protect you from your enemies, but they need to be researched first. Build a Light Cargo to transport resources to other planets. You can build an University to shorten the research time or build the Solar Power plant which absorbs energy from solar radiation. Join an alliance, create a buddy request, build more facilities, collect fleets and keep an eye on your empire.

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New, Responsive

Prosperous Universe

In Prosperous Universe you’ll find yourself in a galaxy, managing your spaceships, finding allies and trying to get rich via buying and selling goods for profit. Realistic and changing economy in which you don’t have to grind or waste hours in-game. All players are together in a single universe. No P2W, meaning no in-game purchases that give bonuses, there is a Premium status, but this will not make anyone overpowered.

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Multiverse Warriors New, Responsive

Multiverse Warriors

Multiverse Warriors is a free universe browser game. You will start your journey in an undeveloped world and your aim is to create a mighty empire. You can spy on another player to see certain details such as their army size, attack capabilities, population growth, allocation of resources and even more. You can set another player as your commander which is beneficial for both parties – officers gain a percentage of the commanders income and commanders get a population bonus of the officers total unit production. Grow your population, command ships, upgrade your technology, forge alliances, train units, attack other players and destroy their ships.

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