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Tau Station New, Responsive

Tau Station

Tau Station is a F2P Sci-Fi browser game. Unique and modern futuristic-style artwork with mobile support. Train at gym, start doing small tasks to earn Credits and pick your career path. Learn skills and buy yourself equipment for increasing defense and offense. Explore the huge universe, there are quite a few space systems and space stations available. Player vs Player and Player vs Enemy features. Friendly community, as a new player you might receive gifts from other players as a warm welcome.

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Text-based robot browser game New, Responsive


Roboid is currently in a beta state. Responsive design, meaning that it is mobile friendly, including tablets. No large images that could slow down loading time. Simple tick/time-based strategy role playing game. Engaging player community. Progressive mission system and a rich world and story. Player vs Player robot combat functionality. Appropriate for all ages and both genders. Earn money, train your own unique Roboid!

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Hyperiums Responsive


Hyperiums is an online strategy game where you can also enjoy space battling. The game includes a fascinating technology tree where you can see technologies, their costs, needs and what a certain technology brings. In Hyperiums you can own planets, but you can also deploy your fleet or army on foreign planets. Feudal system allows you to become lord or vassal, but it’s only possible after 16 days for non-protected cluster and after 32 days for protected cluster.

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Fallen Titans New, Responsive

Fallen Titans

Fallen Titans is a futuristic fighting based RPG. Characters have different bonuses: Phoebe (Healing), Iapetus (Health), Hyperion (Strenght), Crius (Defense) and Cron (Speed). Attack other players to steal gold and to gain experience. Join a clan or create your own. Complete missions, each mission takes a certain minutes to complete. You can face fierce Boss creatures once you’ve reached level 75. You can buy weapons and armors to increase your strength and defense skills, weapons can also be upgraded. Buy stocks, wait for the price to increase and sell for profit.

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Fleet Wars New, Responsive

Fleet Wars

Fleet Wars is a free multiplayer sci-fi game. Your fleets are led in battles by commanders. You could become the expeditioner, militant, economist or scientist. Raid Empire includes players and empires that you can attack. Make sure you choose the right fleets to send on a mission – it’s all about balancing Fleet Strength vs Morale Reduction. Build cities, increase the population, collect taxes and earn Credits. Design your ships, improve ships shield effectiveness, build ships and use battle strategies. You will get experience by destroying ships in combat. Fleet Strength determines your ranking place as it’s the most important value in the game.

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Text based browser space game Responsive


StarGateWars is a text-based browser roleplaying game. At the beginning, you will have to choose between four races. Each race has their own special abilities that will help you. You should choose your race wisely to get to the top. Good thing is that you can change your races if you don’t like the previous one. Although, you should remember that it costs. Train, attack, defend and conquer the space.

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Galaxy Warfare Responsive

Galaxy Warfare

Galaxy Warfare is a free Sci-Fi browser game with space exploration and combat. Join a faction, earn experience and start leveling up. Explore the Galaxy, find resources, complete quests, find planets and battle other players. Make sure to upgrade your ship to be able to travel further when you play. The ship can be upgraded in different ways and you can also install additional components on your ship. Valuable items can be received by finding them on planets, winning them in the auction, purchasing them from the shop or you can destroy other players and get some of their items.

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stellar invictus New, Responsive

Stellar Invictus

Stellar Invictus is a Sci-Fi browser game. You start by picking between 3 factions, choose between Attack, Defense or Storage bonus. Mining stations are needed to gather Ore which can be sold. You can complete missions to receive credits, simply warp to Mission Site and start completing your objectives. It’s difficult to get credits at first, but once you can take down people from the Bounty list – you’ll enjoy big rewards. Join a Corporation to get help from other players and take part of the community. Game is mobile friendly and even has an App in Google Play.

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HaloSphere 2 Responsive

HaloSphere 2

HaloSphere2 is a popular browser-based Halo-themed MMORPG. Before you can start playing, you have to join a faction. There is a short review of each faction where you can read its advantages and disadvantages. Choose carefully as this decision is a very important factor of your future. There’s a possibility to buy a territory grid in different dimensions. Joining a clan requires at least level 10. However, if you want to create a clan, you have to be at least level 15.

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AgeOfSpace New, Responsive


AgeOfSpace is a free strategy multiplayer browser game set in science fiction universe. The main aim is to expand to be able to dominate other galaxies. Make sure to build buildings, ships, defenses and new technologies. Allies are important and it’s advisable to contact nearby players and alliances. Keep in mind that all research is essential to the development of your empire. Farming is an action where a player raids other players with weak defenses/fleets and a lot of resources. Try to avoid farming by having as little excess resources as possible. Build defenses, complete missions and explore the galaxy.

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GigraWars Responsive


GigraWars is a sci-fi browser game where you have an opportunity to explore the galaxy. One of the basic features is constructing facilities. There’s a great possibility to turn the website into mobile-friendly layout. This means you can play GigraWars on PC and also use your smartphone or tablet. In GigraWars you can find an active forum which you can visit to ask questions or read suggestions. However, the game is in German, so it’s a big help if you speak some German.

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Imperial Conflict Responsive

Imperial Conflict

Imperial Conflict is a free sci-fi browser game where you can explore the galaxy. The council is a section that gives you general information about your empire. All empires have gathered into a small group or in other words, each empire can be a part of a family. Planets area is very important as you can build facilities over there. In addition, you can find an attacking feature in Imperial Conflict, so be prepared for battles. Collect resources, expand your empire and become a leader.

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Galaxiur Responsive


Galaxiur is a tick based browser game where you need to build space units, attack other players and defend your own colony. The aim is to achieve the highest score at the end of each round. You could join an alliance to make new friends and support one another. You can also perform military operations and move units. Manage your research levels, population level, military levels and resource level to become successful. Fuel miners give you the possibility to fly your ships across the galaxy. Build technicians, activate certain planetary projects, construct facilities, do research and use the best strategies.

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Astro Galaxy New, Responsive

Astro Galaxy

Astro Galaxy is a space themed massive multiplayer online browser game. You may sell and buy resources at SOL Corporation. Maintenance Facility allows you to hire employees and sell your ship’s modules. Shipyard allows you to get new ships, change them and upgrade them. It is a late 2014 game with modern looks as well as tablet and mobile support. The most important stats are Stations, Ships, Station power and Ship power. Various technologies to research and plenty of players to interact with.

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New, Responsive

Prosperous Universe

In Prosperous Universe you’ll find yourself in a galaxy, managing your spaceships, finding allies and trying to get rich via buying and selling goods for profit. Realistic and changing economy in which you don’t have to grind or waste hours in-game. All players are together in a single universe. No P2W, meaning no in-game purchases that give bonuses, there is a Premium status, but this will not make anyone overpowered.

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Multiverse Warriors New, Responsive

Multiverse Warriors

Multiverse Warriors is a free universe browser game. You will start your journey in an undeveloped world and your aim is to create a mighty empire. You can spy on another player to see certain details such as their army size, attack capabilities, population growth, allocation of resources and even more. You can set another player as your commander which is beneficial for both parties – officers gain a percentage of the commanders income and commanders get a population bonus of the officers total unit production. Grow your population, command ships, upgrade your technology, forge alliances, train units, attack other players and destroy their ships.

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Astral Conquest New, Responsive

Astral Conquest

Astral Conquest is a free text-based sci-fi browser game where you can explore the galaxy and develop your strategy. You can construct various buildings to help you progress further in the game. Build a solar plant because solar power plants absorb energy and all mines need energy to operate. Consider building a research lab to conduct research into new technologies. You can build storages to provide storage for excess resources. In addition, you should build a shipyard because this is the place where ships and defensive facilities are built. Robot factories provide construction robots to help out in the construction of buildings.

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cosmopulse New, Hot, Responsive


CosmoPulse is a browser strategy game in sci-fi setting. Build your empire, join alliances, fight pirates. Gameplay is slow-paced and encourages steady development. Mechanics of the game allow for plundering or taking over planets of other players. Another feature is a Fog of War which allows players to implement some secret tactics, and makes espionage important feature.In the Galaxy you can find also some ancient Relics, that can allow you to to travel faster, improve effects of training of your crew, or help to defend your planets from the enemies.

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Dead Earth

Dead Earth

Dead Earth is a solar system themed free RPG with a lot to offer. Before joining the game you must select a Universe. If you’ve chosen your Universe and you want to leave it, all your accomplishments in your primary Universe will be left behind. Dead Earth offers various features, building and designing your own ship sure is interesting. The aim is to build various facilities, complete missions and explore a new technology. To advance faster through the game you can purchase credits in exchange of real money, this also helps the game maintain itself.

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Onova New, Responsive, Offline


Onova is a space-themed browser game where you can fight against enemy empires. Expand your home planet, protect your resources, control your planet production, expand your defense and upgrade buildings. The energy production is very important because energy determines your resource production. The mines are important as well because this is where your resources are produced and storage buildings determine how much resource you can store from productions. Research area allows you to build technology to the next level. Don’t forget that you are only able to build ships if you have a shipyard. Create an alliance, make friends and explore the universe.

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