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August 06, 2015 | 2 Comments

Idle Clicking

2019 (updated) is when the idle games really started blooming. The effect of "i can have even more" will not let you stop playing. The most frustrating part is that most of the idle games don't even have an ending. SO WHEN DO YOU STOP?!? - Well.. most people simply cant. You click and click until you reach the point where your upgrades are so powerful that it doesn't matter whether you click or not. Now at this point it's just waiting and upgrading over and over again. The excitement of progress tells you that you are doing great and you should not stop playing. So if you have homework to do, STAY AWAY! Now let's take a look at the most played browser games of all time. If these games are not enough for you, make sure to check out the top 10 list of idle games.

Best idle games of all time

The following clicker games are the most played ones. That doesn't mean that you may like them the most, but it is fair to say that people overall love them the most.

Cookie Clicker

Now this was the game that started all this idling and clicking fuzz. Some say, that this one is the mother of all idle games. All we know is - It's called the Cookie Clicker!

Cookie Clicking

Clicker Heroes

This clicking game got so popular that it has lots of copycats, that are ALSO very popular. For example one copy-cat is Clicker Monsters and even that game has outstanding success.

Clicker Heroes idling

Some popular clones of Clicker Heroes:

Learn to Fly

A bit different than a others. The penguin shoots a cannon and you need to choose the cannon shooting angle with your mouse by clicking on the in-game area. So if you choose a wrong angle, you can't advance through the game at all. Loved by millions of people worldwide just because of this small special detail.

Learn to Fly clicker game

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