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January 11, 2015 | 5 Comments

2019 is going to be full of interesting browser games. Interesting because competition gets harder every year. We will start listing every text based browser game that will launch in 2019 to group all the latest games.

Latest announced browser games 2019

Number one

Roboid - Currently in beta state, but is fully working already and has over 100 registrations already, not bad for a fresh text based MMO. Game focus is on Sci-Fi world full of robots. This game is developed by Silver Key Games

Robot browser game 2019

Developer of Roboid:
A new MAJOR feature was launched: scavenging! This mini-game has a minesweeper feel to it and is open to all players who have a Roboid, regardless of mission progress. Come check it out!

Number two

Sol Source Online - Game has few bugs, since its as fresh as it gets. The good thing is that if you start playing now, you won't fall behind others as you would in every other game, you get a good clean start. They are also looking for beta testers, that report bugs if they detect some. SSO is about exploring the space and expanding your dominance in it. Very promising game with active moderators, this game is going to be something interesting, keep an eye on it!

Browser games 2019

Developer of Sol Source Online:
Thank you first off for the listing and the time to give a review! The game is in the beta stage and currently seeking active beta testers/future members to help test the game functionality. We've added in tons of content and promise much, much more to come once there is input and suggestions from the community! We've stuck to the browser game roots on this one, leaving out the flashy eye candy and sticking to true strategy.

Give it a try!

-Stevo (Developer)

Number three

Mission Cosmos - Recently announced browser game, that focuses its story around cosmos. Game has a very nice old-school feel to it and has a battle system that does not require your time investment. You can use automatic attacking and meantime study or work in real life, how great it that? What's more impressive is the community - very friendly players and active moderators that listen to what players have to say about the game and modify it accordingly so players would like the game even more.

2019 browser game

Developer of Mission Cosmos:
The game is released in Open BETA and will be in BETA for maximum of two weeks (probably less), players who join now and play, your characters will NOT be reset so your hard work will count.
If you can please help us by making a donation in return for Credits.
Happy playing! Help Files and a lot of updates will be in place soon.

-g0thumans (Developer)

Number four

Ahruna - Beta launch Janurary 23. If you're into PvP, you can raid other players' kingdoms and steal their resources. Or if you prefer PvE, you can travel the wastelands and fight wild creatures to earn resources that way. So what can you do with these resources? Lots of things, but one of the most interesting aspects of the game revolves around creating Nether Eggs. These eggs eventually hatch into creatures that are more powerful than normal creatures. They are hand-crafted by players and are fully customizable. Do you want a glass cannon creature that does a ton of damage? How about one that steals extra resources? The choice is yours. But be warned: these eggs require a lot of time and effort to create, and you must defend the egg from your enemies or they can steal them and use them for themselves!


The game supports a very prominent team-building aspect. You can join other players' kingdoms and work together to make everyone in the kingdom more powerful. Some players might want to focus on learning how to enchant items, while others may want to learn how to summon more powerful creatures, cast curses/blessings, and much more. In this way, players are expected to trade their goods and services with each other to become as powerful as possible. Eventually, your kingdom will be able to go to war with other kingdoms where you can work together with your friends and steal other players' Nether Creatures, resources, and other items.

It is important to note that this game is COMPLETELY free to play with absolutely no microtransactions, pay walls, or any other "pay to win" aspects.

Number five

Flight of Dragons - Launch date was on April 15th. Very active community and interesting frequent contest. Nice to see that Flight of Dragons moderators and admins are active and developing and constantly are adding new features. Game itself is fantasy based, involving dragons. Pick your dragon class and train it. Game is energy-based, but there is always something you can do.

Flight of Dragons

This fantasy RPG really does stand out. The nice touch with the dark design and color choices on game website goes nicely with the story. Admins are supporting new players with any guidance they need and often fix little bugs that can be found. Overall the game is quite complete and no huge flaws can be found while playing. It also has a very strong 5 start rating and lots of positive feedback. Hundreds of players have been joining and actively playing after just few days of launching.

Number six

Therian Saga - Fantastic graphics and interesting gameplay. Few features that have to be mentioned are crafting, exploring and multi-accounting. Exploring is an easy way to gain resources and other bonuses. Simply choose the destination where your unite will explore and they will be back with some valuables. Exploring does require time, but multi-accounting fixes that issue. While you explore, you can multi-account so you can meanwhile craft items and gain territory with another account at the same time.

Therian Saga

Another interesting tweak is item crafting. This is not a common feature for a browser game, but they have done it! You need materials to craft, but it's worth it, because battles will be easier this way (if you have strong crafted items). Battle system is quite fun, it's not simply click and result style. You can choose your teammates position and control every round. You can even flee mid-fighting, which is useful if you can tell that you are about to lose the battle. Game is quite new and some features may still be a bit loose, but this is one promising browser RPG.

This browser games 2019 list will be updated when new games are made and announced, stay tuned!

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