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Premium browser game

MobstarGame New, Responsive


MobstarGame is a free mafia-themed MMORPG where you could become the godfather. Commit minor crimes like robbing an old lady or stealing a jacket. As you progress, you can unlock more difficult crimes. Accept a mission, complete the required tasks and win rewards. Add skill points to take more damage, create more resources, construct real estate faster, increase your power and much more. Apply for a crew, gamble in casino and earn achievements. Some features are only available for a paid account which can be purchased in the Mobshop. Explore the underworld and become the most respected gangster in MobstarGame.

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Flight of Dragons

Flight of Dragons is a fantasy text based browser game. Choose your class as a dragon and level up your character. Explore the city, lots of places to visit like item market, council bank, questings and more. Energy-bar based system with jewels and gold values with scavenger and mining. Live chat and in-game forum (same account as your character). Take courses, create a guild and do “act of kindness” or “act of evil” endeavors. You can equip a melee, attack weapon, breath weapon, chest piece, tail barding, amulet and control your spells.

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Assault Online New, Responsive

Assault Online

Assault Online is about competing and working with other players. You can start a clan, help each other out or attack each other and grab more land. Or even attack others with your clan, the choice is yours. Attacking is limited with Morale and turns. You can explore Land or sell it. Start researching to get more money or to get better at attacking, shipping etc. Manage your buildings, units, missiles and satellites. Use marketplace to sell or buy items, use forum to look up information.

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Text-based timer rpg New, Responsive


Drakor is a text based rpg focusing on dragons. Choose your race between Human, Elf, Goblin, Dwarf or Troll. Also choose your class between Mystic Warrior, Holy Knight, Divine Wizard, Fighter Mage, Battle Cleric and Arcane Priest. All new users will get 15 items Starter Set after registering. Starter Set includes a weapon, equipment items, battle abilities and other random items. Start your adventure and look for battles to gain new loot. Visit Battle Arena for quick NPC battles to gain experience.

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Classic browser game New, Offline


Varamexia has a classic browser game structure, released around 2012. Active moderator creates lots of holiday events. Different item slots like helm, left hand, plate, boots, mount, ring, cape, amulet and so on. Game has its own forum. Feed the ducks at the pond, sweep the streets to find coins and other loot. Great community and constant updates. Timer based game that is friendly to veteran and new players and game is not pay to win.

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Elyssia is an old-school looking text based browser game. This game is mostly about fishing, harvesting, mining, woodcutting, smithing, cooking, crafting, thieving and lots of other activities. Increase your attack and defense to advance further into the rankings. Choose your equipment and go explore the map. You can create your own clan if you want to help others. Game has its own forum for tutorials and announcements. Game used to be called “The Reborn”.

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BeeFighters New, Responsive


BeeFighters is a unique text-based fighting MMO. Take adventures to get experience, earn money, open a wooden hive and find a jar with honey. Actions require some energy and power, but give you experience, money and better skills. You can only enter the arena and start fighting after you’ve activated a bee. Find your opponent and fight to get experience and money. In garden you can buy seeds, sow seeds and harvest your yield. Additional features are buying stocks, fighting in Undergrounds, joining/creating a clan, buying the Queen Bee and more. Increase your level, join battles and get your dream bee.

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Battered Shield

Battered Shield is a free browser-based text game where you can enter a significant fighting world. There’s an opportunity to acquire skills by upgrading skills to the next level. The list of skills contains fishing, cooking, woodcutting, farming, crafting, hunting, smithing and many other skills. If you have acquired great skills, it’s also time to purchase a perfect equipment. On the left you can see your current quests so complete missions and earn awards.

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Blight of the Immortals

Blight of the Immortals

Blight of the Immortals is a fantasy browser game with zombies. The main goal is to destroy undead creatures as fast as possible. The victory is yours if you have defeated all the zombies. Keep your people alive as your final score will be determined by the people who are left alive. Train villagers so they could become Swordsmen. During an attack, the army with the smallest strength will be destroyed. In the Tavern you can choose a card pack and select one of the three cards which will be added to your collection. Blight of the Immortals includes races such as Elves, Goblins, Men, Trolls, Orcs and Dwarves.

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Enthroned RPG New, Responsive


Enthroned is a fighting based browser MMO. For starters choose your favorite race to begin with. Once you feel like dominating, try out the bounty section, might as well be awarded for taking someone down. As expected of text based RPGs you can fight monsters, create or join existing guilds, add bounties and claim them, finding and buying new items, selling your stuff on market etc. This game is quite fresh and is supporting even mobile users. Currently in alpha status with most bonuses pushed up for people to experience more of the game. You can expect new features to be added daily.

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Age of Citizens

Age of Citizens brings you great graphics with interesting features. It’s an energy and health type browser game with extra strength and knowledge stats. Visit training grounds for increasing your stats. You may work as a freelancer once per 8 hours and create food and weapon factories. With daily missions, achievements, casinos and wars, you won’t get bored. It’s a new game with some features still in development, a lot more is still to be expected so keep an eye on this game.

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There has been a downfall in the United States. Now you can become a leader of a group who has survived the catastrophe. It’s your main job to be a great leader and lead people through wasted cities. You can see the statistics of survivors where you can find the total population. In addition, you can see how many of them are children, workers, injured, slaves, and so on. Keep an eye on your water and food consumption to assess the current situation.

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Fighters Arena

Fighters Arena, like their motto indicates “Live to fight, fight to live!” is a fighting based browser game. You have your dailies, gym, tasks, work, properties etc. You are limited by energy, bliss, recklessness and health. Main goal is to level up your character, earn more money to get better equipment and properties. You can land in a jail if you fail a task, but luckily other friendly players may bust you out. Learn new skills at School. Big part of the game is the community so participate in global chat.

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Destiny RPG New, Responsive

Destiny RPG

Destiny RPG is a text based role playing game with modern and mobile friendly user interface. Game itself is still under development, nevertheless playable with active updates. You start by creating your guardian, pick a class, race and a gender. Choosing a class matters since each class has it’s own attributes. Get yourself gear to defend yourself, gears can also be upgraded. Multiple players battling enemies at the same time to gain XP, Glimmer and Loot. You can patrol in a location to find enemies in order to start battles. Some of the enemies are Bosses, which makes them more challenging, but even more rewarding. Also search for “RPG for Destiny” in the app store.

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Lamentosa New, Responsive


Lamentosa is a new MMO where you can become a Vampire or a Werewolf. Improve your skills to get stronger, store your items in your inventory, earn gold to be able to train skills and kill your enemies in PvP combat. You can hunt creatures to obtain experience, gold and items. Or you can attack other players to earn experience and steal their gold. After level 10 you must choose a master and become his follower. Each master gives you special spells and attributes. You can join/create a clan to join the clans war where you can fight by level range in a real-time group battle.

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BloodCoded is a society based browser game. Keeping a very classic approach regarding overall user interface design. Level based experience with limited HP and Energy. You start in a Shack with a 1,000$ in your wallet. Choose between various activities like Streets, Gym, Crimes, Jobs, Hospital, Jail, School or Mine for Gems. Walk the streets in hope of finding Crystals. Very lively chat with friendly attitude towards new starting players. Increase your stats like Strength, Agility, Guard, Labour, IQ.

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War of Houses
New, Responsive

War of Houses

War of Houses is a medieval text-based browser game. Work out in the gym to increase your defence, focus, skill and power. Earn Dragon Eggs to spend them on Determination Refill, IQ, Energy Refill, Confidence and others. You can commit crimes such as mugging, murder, searching for money, blackmailing, satanic rituals and much more. Sign up for various courses to gain stats. Attacking is a great way to get more experience. You can purchase a House, become the Lord Commander and go to the war with other Houses. Get a job, earn a lot of money, fight with other players and earn all the glory.

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Cluster Hack New, Responsive

Cluster Hack

Cluster Hack is hacking themed MMOG. Improve your character by gaining experience and upgrading your computer system. Winning clusters is the most important method to level up and gain resources. Hacking other players and stealing data can also be rewarding. Create scripts from files and some scripts can be uploaded to clusters for various bonuses. Highscore list can help you promote your website if you have one. Highscore is calculated using your PVP-, Cluster-, Hacking points. You are limited with Action Points so choose your moves carefully, for example even selling your loot costs AP.

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Age of Orion

Age of Orion is a text based browser game. Main attributes are stamina, attack, batteries, accuracy and ivasion. Market for selling and buying various items. Game has its own forum. Game also has its own starting help system that points out the most important features to help you out. Lots of missions. There’s a medium sized community with quite an active global chat.

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Unholy RPG

Unholy RPG is a free text-based browser game set in the fantasy world. If you have enough energy you can train strength, guard, agility and charisma. Academy is a place where you can take various courses to acquire new skills. Under Town section you can find several institutions and activities such as church, staff list, market, shops, rankings etc. Completing quests is the greatest method to earn money. Add enemies to a certain list, avoid going to jail, earn points and increase your IQ.

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Sie Fate New, Responsive

Sie Fate

Sie Fate is a text based browser game, including fantasy RPG set in the world. Sie Fate took the traditional out of RPG and instead replaced it with something a bit more special and unique. Sie Fate is all about the right moves and the right setup. Game is mobile friendly and made in 2014. Has a very fresh scent to it. Game has currently four locations available: Battle Field, Guild Tower, Heroes Hall and Escalan.

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