Top 10 browser games

February 20, 2015 | 1 Comments

To kick things off in the early 2015, we will share a top 10 list of dominating text based browser games. All of games below have ratings and reviews so make sure to check them out at our browser games list.
Top 10 browser games
1 Mafia Returns has won our hearts with nostalgic and warm community. If you are wondering why this game has reached so high, it is because of it's interesting gameplay. Mafia Returns is not like any other mafia game you have seen, it's unique and refreshing. Game has been shaped by its players, since game moderators take player suggestions seriously.
2 Star Pirates is well moderated space RPG with mobile-friendly layout option. Space themed game, main focus is trying to get as high level as possible. Start Pirates is another good example how community can change the game. All player suggestions are reviewed by admins and implemented if approved.
3 Medieval Europe is a pure text-based RPG. Gives you the experience what you would get in the medieval age. With over 5 years of continuous development and suggestions, this game has become near perfection. The only downside is that the site itself does not yet have a mobile support. Aside from that, the game illustrative images and features are outstanding.
4 The Kingdom of Loathing is the closest you can get to old-school text based browser games. You will find a very simplistic design with funny in-game story and regular updates. When you first create your account, you notice how veteran players will help you through game basics and send you in-game gifts. Kingdom of Loathing is not a game you play for graphics, but the story and amusement.
5 Utopia is one of the oldest still successful text-based games out there. With over 15 years of existing you can imagine how large the community could now be. As a strategy game there is more to it than just simple clicking. Think before you make a move, grinding is not an option. Utopia tries not to limit its players, but rather offers a lot of flexibility and rewards.
6 Elyssia is crafting based browser game where you focus on getting various resources. A lot of timers involved, but the waiting makes it addictive. Don't let the timer function fool you, it's mostly about seconds than hours. Game ownership has recently changed, but game functions are kept the same.
7 Varamexia is constantly being developed to give players the best experience and player suggestions are often implemented. Main focus is bonding with other players. Once you log in you notice that game live chat is reachable from almost every page. If you didn't have friends before, you will have now.
8 Battle Dawn is a strategy browser game with interactive zoomable map. Ingame Map is good for choosing your next target. The design and illustrative images are very modern and gives you the high-tech game feel. It only takes few seconds to find yourself in the game. With those futuristic looks and awesome battle functions, this game is something to keep an eye on.
9 Syrnia is an old-school community based RPG. Instant nostalgic feeling upon first log-in, reminds you games that were made a decade ago. Discover new skills and items and your character progress without a level-cap. Game does have timer countdowns so this sounds perfect for people who lack the time to play games, but still want to.
10 Torn City is the most popular browser game out there. With flawless modern design and full mobile support layout, this takes its place easily in top 10. While the community is very large, there are lots of creeps in the game. Leveling is made as hard as possible and with a level-cap. Game itself has countless functionalities and lots of events and contests to keep players entertained.

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